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Week 5 information systems in healthcare post discussion reply


Trends in Informatics

Discussion Post Reply

Hello class and professor, 

For this week I have chosen Simulation. I have grown very fond of anything simulation. I started my BSN with IHuman simulation and at first, I was not a fan. I have done other classes with simulations, and I loved them, but it had been a while. I had to learn to love it again. If flight academies and space programs along with similar programs have them so they can troubleshoot major catastrophes before and during when they happen, why don’t we have more of that in healthcare? According to Advances in medical education and practice, ” Simulation originates from its application in the military and aviation and Simulation offers students and residents with adequate opportunities to practice their clinical skills in a risk-free environment. Unprecedented global catastrophes provide opportunities to explore simulation as a viable training tool.” (Ayaz et al., 2022).  I am a hands-on learner, but knowing what to do in a situation and how to recognize a potential problem and fix it before it happens is the side of the fence I would rather be on.  In healthcare you can prepare and anticipate, but when it comes to education for healthcare through simulation it seems to make more sense. In our assigned readings I learned that manikin simulation started around the 1900’s used in schools of nursing and they called her Mrs. Chase and it was interesting to also learn that a study was done, and it was determined that a high-quality simulation program would suffice for a substantial amount of clinical time that would be put in prelicensure (Hebda, 2018).  I feel like simulations is only going to advance, but where does that leave our educators? There would still need to be someone to proctor the class that utilizes the program, but as with this RN-BSN program being online, will it minimize the need for in person educators? The program costs will certainly weigh heavily on how many instructors will be needed and not needed. I am excited to see how things will unfold in the future, but hope it doesn’t diminish the need for hands on learning. 

( Kristi)

Hebda, T., Hunter, K., & Czar, P. (2018). Handbook of Informatics for Nurses & Healthcare Professionals (6th ed.). Pearson Learning Solutions.

Ayaz, O., & Ismail, F. W. (2022). Healthcare Simulation: A Key to the Future of Medical Education – A Review.
 Advances in Medical Education and Practice, 13, 301-308.

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