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Nursing final assessment #2: care for the elderly level 3 assignment



Read the assignment brief and complete the instructions.

This assessment counts towards 50% of your final grade.

Total marks available for this assessment: 20 marks.

Pass Mark: 50% (10 marks). 

Assessment Brief:

As a new care giver in the community, you were asked to take responsibility for caring for a sixty seven (67) year old male patient, Mr. John Snow, who was recently discharged from Georgetown Public Hospital Co-operation. 

He was suffering from Diabetes and Hyperlipidemia for the past seven years but was unable to control same. 

He recently developed a diabetic foot ulcer and was admitted for management with intravenous medications and insulin to control his condition.

After five (5) days of being an impatient he was discharged with medications for seven days as follows :

1. Clindamycin 300mg PO QID

2. Flagyl 500mg po BD

3. Metformin 500mg po TID 

4. Daonil 5mg po OD

5. Asprin 81mg po OD

6. Ramipril 5mg po OD

7. Atrovastation 10mg po Nocte

8. Vitamin C 1gm po OD

9. BCO 1 tab po OD 

10. Diclofenac 50mg PO PRN pain 

11. Omeprazole 20mg po OD

The patient also requires daily cleaning and dressing of the wound with normal saline and iodine. 

Mr Snow is often non-compliant with his treatment regime and normally eats whatever he desires. He is usually a late sleeper and lacks physical activity and exercise. Mr Snow was warned of his carefree behaviour and if he continues he can actually lose the affected limb. 

Mr Snow is living alone with his son visiting twice a month and usually buys his meals as he doesn’t know how to cook. Mr Snow’s son can afford to employ a home care provider is willing to adjust his father’s lifestyle to achieve better health. 

As the care provider, kindly evaluate the client’s condition and with the support of his family and the instructions of the health care provider, develop a care plan to suit Mr Snow’s condition and his needs for the seven days. 

Note the following: 

His Glucose and blood pressure level reading for the last five days are as follows:

· Day 1: 365 mg/dl, 130/85 mm/hg

· Day 2: 395 mg/dl, 128/79 mm/hg 

· Day 3: 289 mg/dl, 139/89 mm/hg 

· Day 4: 343 mg/dl, 145/92 mm/hg 

· Day 5: 271 mg/dl, 140/90 mm/hg

· Cholesterol : 367mg/dl 

Assessment Criteria:

Your Care Plan must include but not limited to the following: 

A) Background Information and General Overview of the Patient (4 marks)

B) The Patient’s Diagnosis (4 marks)

C) Goals and Outcomes (4 marks)

D) Intervention Strategies (4 marks)

E) Evaluation (Short Term & Long Term) (4 marks)

End of Assessment

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