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Human resource management add5107: week 9 assignment: diagnostic

After reading Milo Tark’s case study, a complicated picture of his life emerges, showing

a pattern of chronic behavioral disorders affecting his personal and social functioning.

Because Milo has several symptoms of Antisocial Personality illness (ASPD), I first

diagnosed him. His early violent behavior, including provoking fights and extortion,

resembles conduct disorder characteristics commonly accompanying ASPD (Morrison,

2014). The rise of his criminal actions, from stealing to breaking to grand theft auto,

shows a disrespect for others’ rights and a willingness to commit crimes. His at least 15

occupations, none of which lasted more than six months, indicating irresponsibility and

an inability to keep steady employment.

Milo’s legal troubles, Army discharge for poor behavior, and manipulation of others

(such as getting the 16-year-old girl pregnant) show his lack of guilt and humanity.

ASPD diagnosis criteria match these qualities. His involvement in the ATM fraud

scheme without considering the implications or emotional toll on his mother shows

impulsivity and an inability to comply with social standards. The “Evaluation of Milo

Tark” in the book reveals various subtleties that my original diagnostic impression may

have overlooked (Morrison, 2014). Milo’s lack of manic or psychotic symptoms indicates

his non-affiliation with mood disorders. Due to the differential diagnosis of adult

antisocial behavior, Milo’s criminal activity may be portrayed as a career criminal rather

than ASPD.

The book also emphasizes eliminating substance use problems since Milo’s conduct

may be impacted by drugs. Milo says he used cocaine and amphetamines briefly and

that most of his negative behavior was unconnected to drug usage (Morrison, 2014).

This begs the issue of whether his drug usage affected his actions or was neutral. The

case study also discusses intellectual disabilities and impulse control difficulties, yet

Milo’s intellectual capability seems intact despite his poor school performance.

In conclusion, Milo Tark has antisocial personality disorder, as the text suggests. The

investigation of Milo’s behavior, emotions, and relationships matches the ASPD

diagnosis criteria. The work emphasizes the difficulty of diagnosis and the significance

of examining alternative diagnoses such as adult antisocial conduct, drug use disorders,

intellectual impairments, and impulse control problems. The example of Milo Tark shows

that mental health diagnosis is complex and requires a thorough assessment to grasp a

patient’s situation fully.


Morrison, J. R. (2014). DSM-5 made easy : the clinician’s guide to diagnosis. The

Guilford Press.

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