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Improve supply chain management for Embraer

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Improve supply chain management for Embraer.

Survey monkey
) (
Survey questions and respondents

Design survey questions
) (
Collect survey responses
) (
Administer a survey to stakeholders

Develop an action plan.
) (
Analyze data

Survey data report
) (
Potential solutions to the issue
) (
ghts to stakeholder

Enhance stakeholder understanding
) (
Identify the loopholes

Survey objective

The survey’s objective was to gather stakeholders’ feedback regarding the efficiency and challenges of Embraer’s current supply chain management process. Additionally, the survey aimed to understand the frequency of delays or disruptions in the supply chain, identify areas where there should be an improvement, explore the potential benefits of technology advancement, and evaluate satisfaction with communication and stakeholders holders familiarity with sustainable and eco-friendly practices within the supply chain management system at Embraer.


My stakeholders in my supply chain management in Embraer include:

1Employees in Supply Chain Management roles

b) Executives and managers responsible for supply chain decisions

c) Suppliers and vendors involved in the supply chain

d) Customers who interact with the supply chain process

e) Logistics and transportation partners

f) Internal departments affected by supply chain activities (e.g., Production, Procurement, Sales)


The supply chain management survey gave respondents valuable insights regarding the current efficiency, challenges, and potential improvements in the company’s supply chain processes. Respondents rated the efficiency of the supply chain management as efficient, indicating a positive overall performance but with room for improvement. They noted that the supply chain processes only need a little more improvement to reach an excellent level. This observation suggests that the company is on the right track but faces minor challenges.

One of the key challenges mentioned by participants is occasional delays and disruptions in the supply chain, impacting production timelines. These highlight the need for better coordination and risk management strategies. Additionally, the respondents identified communication and collaboration with suppliers and forecasting and demand plans as areas requiring immediate improvement. Communication and collaboration among stakeholders are significant challenges in supply chain management (Chen et al., 2020). The company can streamline operations and enhance customer satisfaction by focusing on these aspects.

Regarding technology integration, the respondents did not provide specific details. However, as indicated by other respondents, technology adoption could benefit various supply chain processes, such as inventory management and communication. The respondents rated their satisfaction with communication and coordination between the company and suppliers as average, indicating the need for enhancing communication channels to ensure effective collaboration. The transparency and visibility of the supply chain were rated as satisfactory, prompting the company to work on building trust and improving transparency among stakeholders continuously.

The respondents expressed familiarity with sustainable practices within the supply chain management process, providing an opportunity to promote sustainability initiatives. Furthermore, the participants rated the current efficiency as implying the potential for improvement. The critical challenge mentioned was related to time management, indicating that time-related issues might be affecting the efficiency of the supply chain processes. To address this, the company can focus on time management strategies.

The respondents identified inventory management, communication and collaboration with suppliers, and forecasting and demand planning as areas requiring immediate attention for improvement. The respondents specifically mentioned inventory management as an area where technology integration could bring substantial benefits. Technological advancement in supply chain management plays a significant role in collaboration and communication. This insight highlights the importance of adopting technology solutions to better control and optimize inventory levels.

The level of satisfaction with communication and coordination between the company and suppliers was rated as neutral, further emphasizing the need for enhancing communication practices. The transparency and visibility of the supply chain received a positive rating of good, indicating the company’s efforts in maintaining transparency. Moreover, the participant expressed popularity with sustainable practices, providing an opportunity to integrate eco-friendly initiatives into the supply chain.

In conclusion, the survey insights from both respondents underscore the significance of effective communication, efficient inventory management, and technology integration within the supply chain. By adopting the proposed alternative solutions and addressing the identified challenges, the company can enhance its supply chain efficiency, meet customer demands, and achieve sustainable growth. Continuous improvements in communication, collaboration, and sustainable practices can further strengthen the supply chain’s overall performance and resilience.


Chen, Q., Hall, D. M., Adey, B. T., & Haas, C. T. (2020). Identifying enablers for coordination across construction supply chain processes: a systematic literature review. 
Engineering, construction, and architectural management
28(4), 1083-1113.

Pal, K. (2020). Internet of things and blockchain technology in apparel manufacturing supply chain data management. 
Procedia Computer Science
170, 450-457.






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